On a cold winter night




'On a cold winter night'

installation with sound and metal tubes

Academy 580 x 780 cm,
Neerijnen 600 x 200cm

Academy of Art and Design,
The Netherlands,

Het Stroomhuis, Neerijnen,
the Netherlands,

Starting-point is the dialogue 'On a cold winter night' by Harold Pinter. It's a dialogue between a couple that's reminiscing about the old days, especially their first date. Their memories turn out to be entirely different. On the one hand there's love and affection, on the other there's a gradual development towards total discommunication.

On the left side of the system a female voice is telling the woman's part of the dialogue. On the right side a male voice tells the man's part. The voices come together in the middle of the system, but there the volume is so low that the voices cannot understand eachother.