installation with 2 slide projectors and 2 sets of 8 slides.

Boulevard festival,
‘s Hertogenbosch, August 2003

The installation ‘Raampost’ (Window mail), was part of the ‘Venster’ (Window) project on the Boulevard festival in
‘s Hertogenbosch 2003, and in cooperation with Maureen Prins and Katelijne Arts.

In Edinburgh I lived opposite a guy I met through window-mail contact.(see picture) I wanted to do something with text displayed on windows, written by two imaginary people. I asked writer Martien van Bergen to write a dialogue-poem for me, inspired by my experiences.
The final work contains 16 photographs/slides of the two opposite houses/windows, where the poem is displayed.
The space where the slides on two opposite walls were presented, was a self built room (2x3x10 meters) 2 meters above the streetlevel.(See picture)

The viewer can peep behind the curtain and secretly follow the conversation between the two ‘neighbours’.