‘Leda and the Swan’



‘Leda and the Swan’ in cooperation with Hanneke Wetzer

Triptych made with antique camera, negatives on photopaper, printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper.
Mosaic including 100 i-phone pictures with instagram App, of the performance with Hanneke ‘walking the swan’ in Eindhoven city centre.

De Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven, september t/m november 2012, Solo exhibition including two cooperation projects with Hanneke Wetzer and Mo Swillens

Esther van Waalwijk works together with Hanneke Wetzer for the project Leda and the Swan.
The work is a free translation from the equally named Greek myth.
In this project pictures taken from Waalwijk’s antique camera, face a photographic translation with the Instagram App of a modern iPhone in combination with a performance in the city.
Also the chosen setting brings contrasts; the silence of the portrait studio against the tumultuous surroundings of the city Eindhoven.