'Halfwezen pt.2'



'Halfwezen pt.2'

site-specific video-installation

St. Jan Cathedral,
's Hertogenbosch, Klub Koe, september 2008

In the tower of the St. Jan's Cathedral in Den Bosch I made the site specific video-installation Halfwezen pt. 2. This installation, is inspired by the space between life and death. (see Halfwezen pt. 1!)
A film is projected on the floor, on the very far end of an old, closed staircase. Visitors look down from the first floor into this arched formed tunnel, that used to be a staircase.
On the video, I am blowing bubbles while laying in a bath. The bath is slowly filling up with water. The video ends when I am completely under water, and not able to blow bubbles anymore. The arched form of the space, refers to a sanctify niche.