'Halfwezen pt.1'



'Halfwezen original'

Video-projection in a bath. A girl lays underwater breathing bubbles.

Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, site-specific exhibition in co-operation with Katelijne Arts and Maureen Prins, September/Oktober 2007.

My work is often about 'in-between-zones'. For example I'm fascinated by the space between day and night, land and sea, and in this installation, by the space between life and death. Where does a thing end and another start?
'In between zones’ often have got something surrealistic: an atmosphere or feeling that the environment (or the moment) carries and which cannot be explained, and is therefore difficult to catch.
In my installations I lift up this ‘volatility’, this fleetingness of those zones. I try to grab and hold them, enabling people to be there for a moment, without losing the surrealism and fragility which is so important to me.