Het Catharinakerkhof, 'Stille beweging'



Het Catharinakerkhof, 'Stille beweging'

Video-installation in chapel. (loop 3 minutes)

19 juli t/m 13 september 2009, Kempenland museum (in chapel), Eindhoven, the Netherlands The installation 'stille beweging' was part of the group exhibition 'de Canon van Eindhoven'

When I was asked by the Kempenland museum in Eindhoven to make a piece of art of one of the icons of the Eindhoven canon, it was not hard for me to choose the St. Catharina Churchyard.
I feel attracted to in-between zones; the oasis of rest and contemplation I experienced on the churchyard, right in the middle of the frantic city, made the churchyard such a zone. A place where the business of the town does not rule, but where’s neither a complete standstill.
In the movie 'Stille beweging' (silent movement) about the St. Catharina Churchyard, I try on the one hand to reinforce the quietness that dominates on the churchyard. On the other hand I try to catch moments of life on the churchyard; a redbreast on a grave, a flower quietly moving in the wind. Life and death together in one.
I put my work in the chapel of the Kempenlandmuseum, where it’s surrounded by statues of saints that are part of the chapel. This reinforces the contemplative mood of the film. Because of this, the space becomes part of the work.