Video installation presented in a show-box.

Event: 'Met andere ogen'
Installation presented at edge of the meadows along the N210 secondary road.
Initiated by the Provincie Zuid Holland.

October 2005.

During a tour by bus along the N210, different installations and films were presented. The works are all inspired by the direct environment of the road and/or it's unique constuction.

The installation I made for the event was inspired by the typical Dutch scenery that is next to the N210. On the one hand, I was fascinated by the rhythm of the countless ditches and gates that I saw when cycling between Schoonhoven and Krimpen a/d IJssel. On the other, I drew my inspiration from my childhood memories. I was born close to the N210 and played in the polder till the age of nine, when my family moved to the south. How did I cross the meadows? By rowing, ice-skating or leaping over ditches. Conquering the water was (and still is) of crucial importance. In a nutshell, my installation tackles this huge (Dutch) problem.

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film from show-box

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