in cooperation with Pé Okx




video installation.

NBKS, Breda, The Netherlands.

November 2005 - January 2006

In 2001 Esther van Waalwijk and Pé Okx (www.peokx.nl) met at 'theaterfestival Boulevard' in Den Bosch, where they both had an exhibition, together with other artists. As they felt an immediate affinity for each other's work they decided to work together in future. So it happened.

A thread running through 'Boezemland' is their mutual fascination for 'transitional' zones. The name of the exhibition is referring to the pieces of land near the water (the 'boezem') where the polders drain into. A transitional zone, sometimes swampy, sometimes dry; land that's first hit when the water rises.

In the scenes and situations represented in 'Boezemland', one can find a great love for nature. The images, installations and films of van Waalwijk and Okx are often situated at the dividing line of the sea and the land, light and darkness, water and wind. These in between-zones are places where much more is taking place than one usually thinks. It's here where both artists search for unnoticed rituals, the intangible, the influence of mankind. Recurring themes are transitoriness, freedom and communication.